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   To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the park by all who use it we must have some rules. We also need to follow local laws and regulations.


After business hour check-ins are possible at our night board drive-up.

- Check out or re-register by 11:00 AM. Check in time is 1:00 P.M. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for late check outs after 11:00 am. Late check-outs may not be available for all sites.

- Keep your site clean and orderly, and put all rubbish in the provided containers.

- Children aged 16 years and younger must be supervised by an adult when using any of our facilities.

- We are a "Pet Friendly" park. Keep your pet on a leash at all times and out of the restroom, recreation hall,  laundry room and playground. 

-Clean up after pets. DO NOT leave pets unattended at your campsite. NO KENNELING OR TYING UP.

- PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY!!!  Speed limit is 10 miles per hour.


- Please observe our quiet hours: 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

- Motorscooters and motorbikes are not to be ridden inside the campground, except when entering or leaving.

- Bicycles and Scooters are to be ridden on roads ONLY, not through campsites. Helmets Required.

- Please observe the 10 mph speed limit. No Skateboards or Rollerblades.

- No campfires on sites. No woodburning. No charcoal.

- Never set off fireworks, firearms, or explosives.

- Unmounted exterior propane tanks are not allowed.

- We do not allow washing of vehicles in the park, but the office staff will be happy to give you directions

to local accommodations.

-Monthly guests must be self contained and use their own restrooms and showers. 

- Truck campers must remain on pick-ups.

- No alcohol allowed out of RV site.

-Reservations guarantee a site, not a site number

-No refunds for early departure

- Please let us know of any condition requiring attention.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

We sincerely hope your stay at the Gig Harbor RV Resort will be a pleasant one. Please call on us for assistance with sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, etc.

Thank you for staying with us...



1. Club House and LaundryViewer

2. Play Ground for ChildrenViewer

7. Free personal postal mail box



Until 1841, Gig Harbor was known only to some of the Nisqually and other Indian tribes who lived in or fished the area. The quiet harbor was not discovered and named by the outside world until the Wiles expedition - and then only by accident.

The exploration party of three ships was busy charting in small boats used for short survey forays. One such boat, a captain's gig, took shelter in the protected waters during a sudden storm. The small quiet harbor was thus named Gig Harbor. First "development" was in the form of a sawmill. Genuine settlement came with Yugoslavian immigrants who founded a fishing fleet. This fleet still exists though in a much advanced form from the original rowboats. A significant number of Scandinavians were among later settlers, and the present generation keeps alive their cultural heritage.

The Key Peninsula area was discovered in the mid 1800's by W.D. Vaughn, who in 1851 crossed the plains in a Prairie Schooner to file a homestead claim and founded the town of Vaughn. He was followed by other pioneers, including settler Joe Shettlerow, who saw the promise of this beatiful area. Mr. Shettlerow settled in the Longbranch area in 1851 and the Shettlerow Bay was named for him. Some years later the name was changed to Filucy Bay.

As the trek to the West continued, additional communities were established on the Peninsula. "Lakebay" was named by the William Creviston family in 1871 and it was here that the first Post Office on the Peninsula was established in 1882. "Home" was originally called the "Mutual Home Colony" and was founded in 1896 by B.F> Odell and Oliver Verity. Logging, sawmills and farming were the main industries of the Key Peninsula in the those early years. Transportation was provided by the "Mosquito Fleet," a group of small walk-on ferries and supply boats which piled the waters between the little settlements and Tacoma. These were used until the Narrows Bridge was built, to provide easier and faster access to the Gig Harbor Peninsula area.


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